About Inflata Kids

About us

Inflata Kids is the brainchild of Matthew and Michelle, the husband and wife team behind Inflata Nation inflatable theme parks.

The vision that inspired Inflata Nation was a simple one. Matthew and Michelle wanted to take the fun of a fairground bouncy castle - and multiply it by a thousand! They worked with a market leading manufacturer to create an indoor theme park packed with inflatable activities everyone could enjoy. Their unique design joined all this inflatable fun together into one safe and seamless bouncing, sliding, climbing experience.

To that vision they added excellent on-site facilities (like Cafe Nation), attentive customer service and a real attention to detail. The result is three Inflata Nation theme parks so far and an ambitious plan for expansion across the country.

Inflata Kids is the latest member of the growing Inflata family, an inflatable theme park experience just for under 12s. Matthew and Michelle’s commitment to excellence remains. Inflata Kids features most of the activities of an open age Inflata Nation arena, alongside comprehensive on-site facilities and a dedicated and experienced customer service team. 

Inflata Kids is an awesome day out that your kids will want to repeat again and again. Why not give us a try?

Inflatable theme park locations

There are now five Inflata Nation arenas, in Manchester, Cheshire, Birmingham, Glasgow and West Yorkshire, with more on the way. Southport is our first Inflata Kids location.

Inflatable theme park activities

Inflata Kids is full of inflatable activities all kids can enjoy. Let them climb the Inflata Wall (where falling off is half the fun), conquer the obstacles on our Inflata Race assault course, and reach for the stars with the help of our super-bouncy Inflata Bubbles. There are lots, lots more. Check out our activities page for more information.

We’re also happy to host your child’s birthday celebrations, and we run a range of dedicated classes. Follow us on social media, check out our blog and sign up to our newsletter and you’ll be first in line for all the latest news, discounts and special offers from Inflata Kids.

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