Indoor Activities All Kids Will Love

The theme park that puts a bounce in every step

Inflata Kids is an arena size obstacle course of inflatable fun. But that doesn’t really do justice to the sheer variety of indoor activities available at our inflatable theme park. Here’s a rundown of the features that will have your kids bouncing.

Indoor activities

Our theme park is packed with activities that all children can enjoy. And remember, these inflatable adventures will never be ruined by the weather.

Inflata Race

Race to the finish on our wickedly addictive inflatable two-lane obstacle course. Kids will love springing over walls and squeezing through gaps, safe in the knowledge that tumbles, falls and silly landings are all just part of the fun.

Inflata Wall

Does your child love to climb? If so, let them test their skills on Inflata Wall, our brilliant inflatable climbing wall. They’ll need to plot a course and pick their hand and foot holds well, and if they fall off...if they fall off they face the softest, most fun crash landing imaginable.

Inflata Bubbles

Everything about Inflata Kids is full of bounce. But just for fun, we infused one section with an extra dose of pure oomph! Kids love our Inflata Bubbles for one simple reason. These bounce loaded spheres shoot them skywards like an Apollo rocket! For your own little rocket men and women, the fun is through the roof.

Inflata Drop

No arena-sized inflatable obstacle course would be complete without the slipperiest of slippy slides. Our Inflata Drop slides come in fast and even faster versions, and whichever your kids choose, they’re guaranteed the softest of landings. There are larger and smaller slides to suit all ages and preferences.

Inflata Balls

Leap from ball to ball and post to post in this tricky test of your child’s inner adventurer. Cling on for dear life, or tumble onto the inflatable floor below. Be warned though. Trying to get to the end without falling off can be addictive!

Under 3s 

Our inflatable theme park comes complete with its own section for under threes. Our youngest bouncers don’t miss out on any of the fun, with a slide, ball pool and a series of obstacles of their very own. Needless to say, all the action takes place on our super-bouncy, super-soft arena.

As you can see, there are loads of fun-filled indoor activities at Inflata Kids. Why not plan your visit now?  

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